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A guild from Burning Blade EU. World Of Warcraft.
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PostSubject: Introduction   Fri Jan 16, 2009 9:52 am

Hello. I'm Assh from in-game My real name is Ash and i am 19 years old.

Before WoW i was one of the high ranking players on RuneScape but i started going around my friends house getting drunk, playng some nintendo wii and he introduced me to WoW. I made a character called yuzheard on Alliance. I got hooked and then at level 66 i decided to leave alliance and came to horde where i started Assh.

Outside of WoW i am training to go into the Royal Air Force. So i'm doing lot of running at fitness and spendimt some time with my girlfriend who also plays WoW!

People ask me if i like being the Guild Master:

Sometimes is the truthful answer. It's stressful organising everything and everyone expects you to then gets angry at you, it's fustrating. On top of that i get about 20 whispers a min sometimes begging, asking. questions etc. I don't mind it but when someone starts calling me names because i don't respond to them straight away is irritating Smile Other then that it's great but i dont even care about ranks or being leader. It's social fun, i don't treat anyone diffrently but i do need to keep things organised.
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