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A guild from Burning Blade EU. World Of Warcraft.
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PostSubject: Introduction   Fri Jan 16, 2009 2:25 am

Hey all,

You probably noticed me already in guild chat, but I saw I didn't even have an account on the forum yet, so I guess I'll introduce myself here as well.

I'm a 22 year old guy from The Netherlands, currently studying Law and filling up my free time with WoW and technical computer stuff. Around June 2008 i started my first/main character on WoW, and on 30-12 last year I finally dinged 80. I have practically no raiding or endgame experience, since this is the first time I actually hit the level cap. The only class I know a decent amount of is my own class, Rogue Wink

Before WoW I played Ragnarok Online for a few years, on a private server with around 100 concurrent users logged in. Eventually I was also Forum Admin and GM there. I quit this game around 3 years ago, since I didn't find it very interesting anymore.

Currently I'm questing in Icecrown for gold and doing Heroic dungeons for gear. My profession is Jewelcrafting (lvl441 at this moment), and Mining (450). Also I have leveled up Lockpicking, you can come to me for opening any lockbox, or mail them if you just want them opened some time, I'll mail them back unlocked.

I'm PVE Co-ord which means I will ocasionally ask people to join for dungeons or group quests, not neccesarily for my own gear but also for boosting or helping people out. Don't ask me for boosts all day though!

Well that's enough info for now, I'll see you around!
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